Learn HOW to set goals. If you FAIL to PLAN then you PLAN to FAIL. Life is short plan for it. If you don't set goals you can not DESIGN your life. If you don't have enough REASONS you won't DO the things should do. You can not get life answers without reasons. Some people's reason for success is...

- RESPECT AND HONOR some people do it for - SECURITY OF FAMILY, some people do it because of - LOSS OF TIME. Don't get too old or too tired to do it.

I hate talking to my wife about our money...Promise yourself to never be broke...I will never , ever be broke again. How do people treat you when you don't have any money?

Does your ATTITUDE have a DISEASE. Without a vision people perish...without a dream you will parish inside out. Success is DOING what other people won't do to get what others don't have.

Work harder on YOURSELF then you do on your job. YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOURSELF

Things do not happen by chance...they happen by change. Train yourself, change yourself.

Don't major in minor things. Life and business rolls in seasons...Learn how to handle winter.

Learn how to protect your prosperity because it will be attacked. Reap without apology and never complain about not doing well. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES.

What are the reasons that you don't look as good as you should financially. How come you haven't done well up until now. (You are work that you need to work on)

Find the right people...don't send your ducks to eagle school and you can't send a bear to a dog school of training. Be the right person you have the choice on what you can be but you CAN NOT CHANGE ANYBODY ELSE.

If you want to be successful the you have to study success. You need to have a CHILDISH CURIOSITY You need to be like a child! Be excited like a child! Have faith like a child! Ask, Seek, Knock...Read and study. Don't be a follower...be a student.

Work harder on yourself...YOU mind is the JOB. The number one thing that you want to prevent is the disease of STUPIDITY There is nothing worse than being STUPID, BROKE, and/or SICK...STUPID>>BROKE>>>SICK

What ever you don't use you lose it. Faith, Courage, Time, Opportunity. Whatever you do not employ...you will lose it. Whatever you sow you will reap. Whatever you reap IS what you've sown. If you have not sown anything then what do you expect to receive. You will reap much more than what you sown. SOW SOW SOW! You win some you lose some buy SOW good things out there everyday that you may reap.

How to get whatever you want. Ask...Ask and you shall receive. Asking is the beginning of receiving...Ask with FAITH because it starts a powerful process. Receiving is like an ocean...It keeps rushing in...don't run out there with a SMALL cup get a GIGANTIC BUCKET. Make your goals and plans like an adult and believe and ask like a CHILD,

If you have poor thinking habits you mind is a powerful mental factory. What you think is what you pour into your mind. It all starts with your THINKING. What are you putting into you mind everyday. STAND GUARD AT THE DOOR OF YOUR MIND. It is very important who you allow to pour information into your mind.

Complaining is a deadly disease. You should not keep complaining because complaining puts your being in a realm where faith can not work for you.


Albert Phillips

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