This is where you pay us to come in and privately ROAST YOUR BUSINESS before your customers do it to you publicly!

A Web Inspection is a service where we do a critical analysis of your digital footprint. We locate as many places where we can where you or your company appear online. Here is a list of things that we check for.

  1. Incorrect spelling, grammar or information

  2. Out of date or old information that is no longer relevant

  3. Pictures and videos that are not favorable to the brand.

  4. Links and buttons that don't work.

  5. Negative comments or reviews

  6. User experience, meaning can I find information easily and quickly

  7. Overall professional looking brand.

A website Inspection is performed by a group of people who work with us to do an analysis in order to produce a report of the professional opinion of the face of your business online.


If your desire is to attract visitors, members, givers or to incentivize paying customers then you need an attractive website to make that happen.

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