A3DigitalStudio is a digital media consulting company specializing in web design, video editing and advertising your business ideas online.


We started back in September 2011 with designing powerpoint presentations to help people record their stories to help them raise money for different programs.


With that, I learned the power and profitability of making a digital media impact. Working with talented and technical people to help people and organizations tell their stories. We bring a unique creativity to the marketplace.  We buy, sell, and create resellable digital assets, Giving our clients the ability to create products and make money. Our digital files work for you 24/7 online. Giving our clients the power of promoting your small business, product or brand.


Most small business owners have no time to keep up with the pace of social media and technology, however, in contrast, today it is imperative that businesses deliver content on social media accounts, websites, videos, and images that connect and engage your audience online.


We have heard it said before that if what you have done was not recorded and visible online ...it as might as well not have happened. Trust is everything. The most valuable assets I have are my customers’ trust and attention. And the attention will go really fast if they stop trusting me. 


I make money online by helping. I put out products and courses that I think will really help people, and that’s how I make money. This works really well for me. People are happy because their lives are better, and I’m happy because the revenue I make is entirely coming from making people’s lives better. We both win, our lives are all enriched. 

History - How A3DigitalStudio Got Starte
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