A video shoot or commercial is the best way to get your information out to the masses. YouTube is the largest search engine on the internet next only to its parent company Google.


Gone is the day where businesses can hide behind paragraphs of text to explain your business ideas and concepts. In today's "show me" generation a great photo shoot along with colorful video and bumping sound is a much more entertaining experience.


We have tons of copyright free images and stock video and graphics as well as professional editing tools.  We shoot and edit your video commercial for less than what you think.


At A3DigitalStudio you can grow multiple streams of income creating high demand informational digital products such as websitespictures, audio and video that you are passionate about in order to create the lifestyle you deserve.

Social media commercials are imperative today. There is no excuse to not having yours done. Let us handle your video shoots. We will also edit the video for you.

For these services, we charge $100 Per Hour

Did You Know: 50% of people look for more information after seeing a video.

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