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Premier Health hired A3DigitalStudio to edit its video on Diversity and Inclusion during BLM Riots

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

A3DigitalStudio has had the wonderful opportunity to work with Adrian Taylor and Premier Health's Diversity and Inclusion Team. Premier Health is the largest comprehensive health system in Southwest Ohio and the office of Diversity And Inclusion. Our task at A3 Digital Studio was to edit video testimonies from diverse staff in Premiere Health’s extensive network of hospitals, and medical organizations.

These powerful video testimonials regarding the social impact and the civil unrest around the country regarding George Floyd murder, the protests, and the riots. Staff members were asked to discuss Premiere Health's response which was to create safe spaces for healthy communication and dialog on race relations can be discussed.

The staff sent approximately 12 different video testimonies from staff from all over Premier Health’s vast network to be edited, and A3DigitalStudio created a branded video template to present these edited videos in a professional presentation for the whole organization

A3DigitalStudio wants to thank Adrian Taylor, Premier Health Director of Diversity and Inclusion for this wonderful opportunity to serve our community hospital Premier Health. Here is a look at the video

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