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Website For Maranatha

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

In full disclosure, I am a member of Maranatha. Maranatha needed a website. So being a member of Maranatha I worked with the church administrators to get the vision, mission, and history.

Maranatha has a lot of departments and auxiliaries. so it was important that each department and leader be represented on the site.

Logo Design

Maranatha was in need of an updated logo. So A3DigitalStudio created this logo design and that was immediately for all communications regarding Maranatha Worship Centre.


Online Giving is one of the main focuses for the website so it was important that we set them up with a PayPal account and a debit card. Online giving is deposited directly to the debit card and is available immediately.

Live Streaming

COVID 19 created a need for live streaming. A3DigitalStudio was tasked to find the fasted most economical way to live stream all services for Maranatha.

Recording Video

We set up and record livestream of church services and events.

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